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Van Nuys Express Car Wash

BLISS Car Wash in Van Nuys is the premier destination for a premium car wash experience. Our advanced facilities and equipment ensure that your car receives a gentle yet thorough clean, leaving it looking like new.

We offer a variety of car wash packages to suit your needs and budget, from basic exterior washes to express washes and add-on wax services. Our BLISS team provides the best technology and service to ensure that your car is cleaned to your satisfaction.

Touchless Express Car Wash In Moreno Valley


Make your car stand out with the BLISS TRANSFORM+ package at our express car wash. This package includes ArmorAll Ceramic Seal, Rain-X UV Protection, Carnauba Extreme Shine Wax, and much more, making it the best value for your car.

At BLISS Car Wash, we're committed to environmental sustainability. Our facilities and practices are designed to minimize water usage and waste, so you can feel good about choosing us for your car cleaning needs.

Our high-quality cleaning products

As an environmentally conscious and socially responsible express car wash, BLISS is dedicated to water conservation and responsible car cleaning. Our high-quality cleaning products and equipment are used alongside gentle Prep Brushing to loosen dirt and a final Quality Control inspection to ensure satisfaction. In addition, every BLISS car wash helps provide clean and safe water to those in need around the world, making us much more than just a car wash.

Express Car Wash Van Nuys
BLISS Car Wash In Van Nuys

Visit BLISS Car Wash in Van Nuys

Visit BLISS Car Wash in Van Nuys today and experience why we're the preferred destination for car washing and detailing in the area. With our high-quality services, advanced facilities, and commitment to sustainability, you can trust us to take care of your car and leave it looking its best.

Touchless Express Car Wash In Van Nuys CA

Get the Best Prices at Our Express Car Wash in Van Nuys, CA

You deserve a good car wash without overspending. BLISS Car Wash is an self car wash in Van Nuys, CA, that will help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition for a low price. Our full car wash service is available for several packages at varying prices to ensure you can find a solution that best suits your needs and budget. Finding a reliable drive-thru car wash is the best way to keep up with cleaning your vehicle without the hassle of finding time to do it yourself.

Eco-Friendly Car Wash Solutions

Our express car wash in Van Nuys, CA, is an eco-friendly self car wash that will ensure your vehicle is clean while you protect the environment. Our full car wash service uses state-of-the-art equipment to clean your vehicle and ensure it shines when it leaves our car wash. Every cleaning product we use is eco-friendly, and our process uses reclaimed water to protect the environment while cleaning your vehicle.

Express Car Wash
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Get the VIP Experience

While many of our customers use our drive-thru car wash in Van Nuys, CA, on an as-needed basis, we also offer affordable membership packages that allow you to use our self car wash as often as you’d like for a low monthly fee. It’s the perfect way to maintain your vehicle without worrying about paying for individual car washes.

Your Ultimate Destination for a Sparkling Clean Ride in Van Nuys

BLISS Car Wash is your go-to destination for a comprehensive car cleaning experience. Our easily accessible location caters to residents' busy lifestyles, providing the perfect solution for maintaining your vehicle's cleanliness without sacrificing quality.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of car care technology. Our state-of-the-art facilities in Van Nuys incorporate cutting-edge car wash techniques, ensuring meticulous cleaning without compromising your vehicle's integrity.

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Experience gentle yet effective cleaning with our car wash services. Our advanced technology guarantees a thorough cleaning while preserving your car's finish, giving you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in expert hands.

Revolutionary Vacuum Car Wash

Our commitment to excellence extends to every detail. Explore our revolutionary vacuum car wash services, where our skilled and friendly staff ensures no nook or cranny of your car remains untouched by dirt, dust, or debris. Your vehicle deserves meticulous care, and BLISS Car Wash is here to deliver.

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A BLISS Car Care Experience

Discover the joy of driving a spotless vehicle with BLISS Car Wash in Van Nuys. From start to finish, our mission is to provide a BLISS car care experience that exceeds your expectations. Your car deserves the best!

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