BLISS - Eco Friendly Car Wash

Here’s How We Lower Our Impact on the Planet

100% Biodegradable

Phosphorus Free Products

Phosphorus Free Products

Eliminate Effluent Discharge

Eliminate Effluent Discharge

Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

100% Biodegradable Cleaning Products​

The ingredients in our cleaning & protective products are broken down naturally and won’t pollute our oceans or water ways. In turn, this helps lower our impact on the planet and help us fight climate change.

BLISS - Eco Friendly Car Wash California
Biodegradable Car Wash California

Blue Coral® Beyond Green Certified & VOC Compliant

This certification means our cleaning & protective products are phosphorous-free and don’t have a negative impact on our environment, oceans, the Amazon Rainforest, or our planets future. Our products are also 100% free of toxins that are harmful to humans & animal health.

We are Water Warriors​

Our water reclamation systems remove dirt, oil & grime, allowing us to reclaim & reuse 70% of our water.We use less than 24 gallons of fresh water per car wash, compared to up to 80 gallons at a traditional car wash or 100 gallons washing at home.We have “Smart Meter” technology that monitors our water usage in real time to manage our consumption and conservation.

Car Wash Water Reclaim Systems
Effluent Discharge

We Eliminate Effluent Discharge

We have high-tech water reclamation & purification systems installed at every BLISS location to eliminate our effluent discharge. Effluent discharge is wastewater that ends up in sewage tanks, causing harm to aquatic animals and can cause “dead zones” in our oceans and lakes.

Energy Efficient Equipment​

Our state-of the-art equipment cleans cars efficiently while using less power, which helps lower our carbon footprint.

BLISS - Automatic Car Wash California
Eco Car Wash California

Phosphorus-Free Cleaning Products​

Phosphorus is a toxic chemical that increases algae blooms in sewers, which end up in our oceans and lakes. Algae blooms are toxic to aquatic animals and cause dead zones in oceans and lakes. They also release pollutants that are harmful to human health.

Thank you from BLISS and our planet, for partnering with us to lower our impact on the planet.