BLISS Member,

We hope you’re enjoying your BLISS Unlimited Membership!

We will be enhancing your membership by upgrading all Transform members to Transform+, our best wash plan that includes Ceramic Seal! As a result, the monthly price is going up to $35/mo. as of 1/1/2023. To thank you for being a loyal BLISS Member, we will guarantee your current Transform price of $24.99/mo. until the end of 2023. You will get Transform+, our best wash plan, at your current Transform price. No action is needed. Any changes to your membership after 1/1/2023 will result in new pricing. So stay locked-in and save!


Ceramic Seal: A sealant that bonds to your car’s surface, adding a new essential layer of protection that performs better than wax. It forms a strong barrier that protects against elements like UV rays, bird droppings, hard water and road grime. Ceramic Seal is great protection for all seasons. Made from a special blend of advanced polymers that are eco-friendly & biodegradable, which means it is 100% safe for the environment.

Thank you for choosing BLISS, the cleaner, greener car wash — we hope you stay with us for years to come. We look forward to Transforming your car and making it Sparkle.

*Your current membership price is locked-in until the end of 2023. Multiple vehicle discounts for Sparkle and Transform+ will be locked-in through 12/31/24. Transform will be lock-in through 12/31/23. No action needed.