By Ash Delrahim, Vice President of Operations, and Vahid David Delrahim, CEO of BLISS Car Wash

Water is undoubtedly one of our planet’s most precious resources, and as concerns over its scarcity grow, businesses worldwide are taking steps to contribute to sustainable water usage. At BLISS Car Wash, we are committed to providing our customers with a sparkling clean vehicle and ensuring that our operations align with the imperative of water conservation. Through innovative technologies and a dedication to responsible practices, we’ve embarked on a mission to make a significant difference in water usage and conservation.

Our advanced water reclamation systems are at the heart of our commitment to water conservation and are seamlessly integrated into every BLISS Car Wash location. These cutting-edge systems play a critical role in reclaiming an impressive 70% of the water we use. Here’s how it works: As your vehicle undergoes the wash process, the reclamation system diligently extracts dirt, oils, and grime from the used water, transforming it into clean, reusable water. This not only drastically reduces our reliance on fresh water but also minimizes the impact on local water sources, benefiting our community and the environment.

Our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology is further exemplified by installing Smart Meters in every BLISS Car Wash location. These meters provide real-time insights into our water usage, allowing us to monitor and manage our consumption closely. Should an unexpected spike in water usage occur, our team can swiftly address the issue, ensuring that our operations remain as efficient and sustainable as possible. This level of data-driven control helps us maintain our commitment to conservation and ensures that our customers receive the highest quality service without unnecessary waste.

We believe that making a difference goes beyond just implementing advanced systems—it’s also about understanding and optimizing every step of the car wash process. That’s why we use three distinct types of water to ensure both the cleanliness of your vehicle and the conservation of this vital resource.

Freshwater: This is the primary type of water we use in conjunction with our eco-friendly soaps and waxes. While thoroughly cleaning your vehicle, our carefully formulated products work harmoniously with freshwater to effectively remove dirt and grime. Using the right combination of ingredients, we can achieve a sparkling finish without excessive water usage.

Reclaimed Water: In our commitment to leaving no stone unturned in our conservation efforts, we utilize reclaimed water to lubricate our brushes in the tunnel and operate our high-pressure water systems. This recycled water, courtesy of our water reclamation systems, is a testament to our dedication to sustainable practices at every level of our operation.

Spot-Free Water: Towards the end of the wash, we employ spot-free water to ensure that your vehicle dries without any unsightly water spots. We’ve taken this further by treating this water to remove calcium, a common culprit behind water spots. This extra effort underscores our holistic approach to delivering a top-notch service and a positive impact on water resources.

In an era where every precious droplet holds significance, our unwavering dedication to water conservation embodies our core principles. We believe in the power of education and awareness to drive positive change, so we’ve prepared a short video that offers an in-depth look into our water conservation practices. This video allows our customers to understand the science behind our initiatives and witness firsthand how their choice of car wash can contribute to a sustainable future. We encourage everyone to take a moment and watch this video to gain insights into the efforts we’re making.

BLISS is an environmentally conscious car wash chain aligning our purpose with the planet’s well-being. In keeping with our commitment, we proudly contribute a freshwater well to Wells Bring Hope with the launch of each new car wash location. This exemplifies our profound reverence for water, Earth’s most invaluable asset. The urgent requirement for wells in Western Africa underscores the significance of our contributions, catalyzing transformative change that resonates across generations. As our business flourishes, the opportunity to give back fills us with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Water conservation is not merely a catchphrase at BLISS Car Wash—it’s a fundamental pillar of our business philosophy. Through implementing water reclamation systems, Smart Meters, and the careful use of three distinct types of water, we’re proud to lead the charge in sustainable car wash practices. We understand that every small action counts, and by choosing BLISS, our customers are selecting a clean car and contributing to the responsible stewardship of our planet’s precious water resources.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to refining our processes, integrating new technologies, and inspiring positive change in the car wash industry and beyond.