BLISS Member,

We hope you’re enjoying your BLISS Unlimited Membership!

We will be enhancing the Sparkle plan by adding Carnauba Extreme Shine Wax and an Undercarriage Wash to better serve our Members and Guests. As a result, the monthly price will be increasing to $27/mo. as of 1/1/2023. To thank you for being a loyal BLISS Member, your current Sparkle price of $19.99/mo. will be guaranteed until the end of 2024. You will get the New & Improved Sparkle plan at your current price. No action is needed. Any changes to your membership after 1/1/2023 will result in new pricing. So stay locked-in and save!

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Carnauba Extreme Shine Wax: Creates a beautiful shine and adds a layer of protection to help prevent oxidation and water spots. Made from a special blend of advanced polymers that are eco-friendly & biodegradable, which means it is 100% safe for the environment.

Undercarriage Wash: Removes the buildup of dirt and grime under your car that can cause damage to your frame, suspension, undercarriage and paint.

Thank you for choosing BLISS, the cleaner, greener car wash — we hope you stay with us for years to come. We look forward to Transforming your car and making it Sparkle.

*Your current membership price is locked-in until the end of 2024. Multiple vehicle discounts for Sparkle and Transform+ will be locked-in through 12/31/24. Transform will be locked-in through 12/31/23. No action needed.

Thank you,

Your BLISS Family