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Celebrating Father’s Day in 2020

The third Sunday in June is just about here, and while some consider Father’s Day a “Hallmark Holiday,” and others love to honor it, there’s no question that we all notice it. Marketing from every retailer in America reminds us that honoring the influence of fathers in society is not to be ignored.

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Going The Extra Mile: The New Meaning Of Clean

No one ever expected the world to come to a near-complete halt. But that’s what COVID-19 did. As I contemplated the timing of reopening my car washes, my first concern was about safety, of course, and providing peace-of-mind to employees, and, our wonderful customers.

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Happy Earth Day From Bliss

Bliss Car Wash has saved 27.5 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER since March 2019 with our water reclamation systems!

Not only that – all of the products we use are eco-friendly, biodegradable and safe for our environment.

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A Message From Our CEO

David Delrahim (CEO) of Bliss Car Wash has temporarily closed ALL Bliss Car Wash locations to help stop the spread of COVID-19 while still compensating the Bliss Team. He urges all leaders of non-essential businesses to do the same. The Bliss Team couldn’t help but give their thanks back. Check out their heartfelt statements below

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Shelter In Place

In compliance with Governor Newsom’s “Shelter in Place” order, all Bliss locations will be closed until further notice.

The health of our Members, Guests and Bliss Team are paramount, and we must act accordingly to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Let’s continue to take precautions and take care of one another.

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We’ve arrived at the 2019 holiday season and what a year it has been! There’s so much to be thankful for and yet so many of us have not spent time to reflect, realign and give thanks. I, myself, don’t fret or feel stress at this time of year, for several reasons, the main one having to do with gratitude.

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Dependable Car Care for the Winter

As we move into the fall season, the excitement and anticipation for holiday festivities and special days begin. Here is one more date to remember: October is Car Care Month as recognized by the The Car Care Council.

Yes, a whole month! Why?

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Memories Captured, moments re-lived. #worldphotoday2019

Today is World Photo Day. With so many “days” designated, along the lines of “world donut day,” I understand why this one might elicit groans. But, I gave it some thought.

World Photo Day is one that connects with me. This weekend, I sat down with my morning coffee to browse through an old photo album. Each picture took me on a journey of re-living a moment in my life. I was transported back to that time, that feeling, that place.

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