New Year, New and Renewed Pledges

A new year represents new beginnings and new hope for everyone. It’s a natural, useful and healthy mental tradition, and it helps now more than ever before.


Need I reiterate the calamities of 2020? I don’t think it’s necessary. All of us know that last year, life changed for everyone on the planet. We still are experiencing unprecedented pain due to COVID-19 and the consequential economic crisis.


I realize I’m fortunate when I say I’ve weathered the last year without catastrophe. At Bliss, we voluntarily closed operations for a while, in the interest of safety, but kept employees paid until we deemed it was safe for all to reopen. We slowed things down but kept offering services where and when we could.


While business may have been slower, costlier, and somewhat erratic, we’re persevering and keeping up with our promises. That means this year I am repledging to donate one fresh-water well to Wells Bring Hope for every new car wash we open.


So far, we’ve donated nine wells to an organization that truly transforms lives by drilling wells to provide clean water to villages in Niger, West Africa, the world’s poorest country. There, 60 percent of rural villagers lack safe water and 69 percent of people have no access to sanitation. Horribly, one in seven children dies before the age of five. With the current pandemic, it is imperative for people to have access to clean water so that they can wash their hands frequently to stave off the virus.


I am recommitting to Wells Bring Hope because I agree with their mission to provide wells and help educate people in Niger on things that will ensure their sustainability, such as: sanitation, hygiene, farming and well maintenance.


Though I’ve renewed my Wells pledge, I’m also making a brand new one: While Bliss Car Wash will remain focused on environmental sustainability, we pledge to work more with our customers and our local communities to help share facts, tips and new information about preserving water in our own back yards. Water is our planet’s life source and at Bliss, we like to call ourselves water warriors.


Look for more from us on the water topic, and remain in solidarity with us to achieve a better, healthier more prosperous year.