Today is World Photo Day. With so many “days” designated, along the lines of “world donut day,” I understand why this one might elicit groans. But, I gave it some thought.

World Photo Day is one that connects with me. This weekend, I sat down with my morning coffee to browse through an old photo album. Each picture took me on a journey of re-living a moment in my life. I was transported back to that time, that feeling, that place.

My life, and likely yours, is governed by goals, time management, paying bills, making it to meetings, leading teams, being a responsible parent and great spouse. We are constantly juggling. It’s wise to take a moment to sit, slow down and reflect. My photo album helped me to do just that this weekend. The memories made me pause, appreciate that moment captured in time and help me set the intention for the coming week.

I share with you a treasured picture and proud moment in my life. This was taken many, many years ago, with my parents on my graduation. My little sister in the picture went on to graduate from USC.

To celebrate this day, I invite you to share a picture at BLISS Car Wash Instagram @blisscarwash. On Instagram, tag a friend, follow blisscarwash and comment on the post and Bliss Car Wash will donate 50 cents to Wells Bring Hope. You can also visit and follow BLISS Car Wash on Facebook.

Live in the moment with intention and purpose and capture those special moments; they are the pit stops in life that we will look back on and feel a sense of wellbeing.


Family Photo