By Vahid David Delrahim

Customer feedback is essential for any business. As an eco-friendly express car wash committed to water conservation and cleaning cars responsibly, we also recognize that we must be good listeners. On social media feedback sites, such as Yelp and Google, most companies strive for those five-star ratings from their customers. We do too, but we’re also looking for observations from our guests and guidance about what we can do better.

We solicit feedback and interact with our guests in person and through social media. We concertedly respond, probe and resolve issues.  Because we are passionate about our guests’ experiences, I wanted to share some of the things we hear and what we’re doing in response.

For example, our Unlimited car wash membership program is something we’re pleased to see our guests enjoy. Here are a couple of positive comments that reinforce the rationale for offering unlimited washes:

“I have had a membership at BLISS Car Wash for over a year, and I think it is well worth the price.  I have three kids, so I try to get to the wash 1-2x per week for a solid vacuum… and their vacuums are the best! BLISS keeps me crumb-free and sane as I haul the kids.” – Jennifer, Costa Mesa

“I absolutely love BLISS Car Wash! I go at least once a week to get my car washed and am never disappointed. The BLISS employees are always so friendly & helpful. They let me know a few weeks ago about an opening weekend special they were having and since I go all the time anyway, I signed up. My car always leaves there so clean and shiny. The vacuums are super powerful and get all the carpets cleaned perfectly. I can’t say enough good things about BLISS. Great prices, a great car wash and awesome employees. A++” – Lesley, Los Angeles

We designed the membership program for this reason. In Southern California, many people want to keep their cars sparkling day in and day out. An unlimited wash membership gives our guests carte blanche to keep their vehicles clean year-round.

Unlimited Car Wash Membership Program At BLISS

We also hear some guests don’t get around to washing their cars frequently and would prefer to pay as they go. That’s fine too, but often they are surprised to realize that if they only wash their car twice a month, an Unlimited Membership is the way to go.

Another unique service we offer is Quality Control, our final check to ensure every car leaves “BLISS Clean.” Our Quality Control also takes care of excess water in hard-to-reach places like mirrors and the rear of the vehicles. We know that the automated system can’t get to every nook and cranny of a car, so our team supplements the work in the tunnel, and we hear our guests appreciate that:

“Game Changer! BLISS added a worker who towel dries the wet spots when you exit the wash. This adds a ton of value to the experience and in my opinion separates them from the other drive-through washes. That was always the main issue with these places, but a simple fix and I’m sold.” Michael, Los Angeles

There are, of course, things we could improve upon, and we do as quickly as possible when we’re made aware of an issue. Our Guest service advisor, Katie, takes every concern seriously with a quick follow-up:

Hi Angel, We’re sorry that your experience with us was less than BLISSful, but we appreciate your feedback. 

When you noticed that your car was not completely clean, did you happen to ask one of our team members for assistance? They would have been more than happy to guide you through the car wash again at no additional cost! Once again, we apologize that you were not satisfied with your service. We hope that we will have an opportunity in the future to ensure that you enjoy the BLISSful experience that you deserve. We wish you all the best. –The BLISS Car Wash Team

Finally, we do pride ourselves on excellent service. We provide service with a smile and love seeing our guests regardless of the weather. Here are some kind comments about our team:

“I’ve had a membership to each of the car washes in west Palmdale. I have to say, it is a pleasure getting my car washed here. The staff is always smiling. The service is remarkable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”  Joey, Palmdale

“The people here always do a wonderful job at cleaning my car, and their overall customer service is outstanding. I have run into David for the last few visits, and he always ensures customers are treated respectfully and given the best service he can offer!” Isabel, Riverside

We take pride in delivering only the highest quality car wash experience that exceeds our guests’ expectations. We believe our main differentiator is Quality Control. That means we don’t let issues go unresolved  – we resolve them immediately.

Good or bad, we always want to hear from our guests. Our relationships with our guests and members are built on mutual trust. Your feedback inspires us to make your experience entirely BLISS-ful!