Bliss Car Wash CEO, Vahid David Delrahim, Talks About Green Jobs

It’s almost summer 2021, and, like everyone alive, I’m overjoyed to see our world opening up.  Each morning as I start my day, I see more neighbors getting into their cars, heading off to their long-abandoned workplaces eager to dust off and restart. Every day, I hear excited coworkers making plans for road trips to visit badly missed loved ones and favorite weekend hideaways.

Yes, it’s starting to feel like a typical summer again here in Southern California. And, as always, at this time of year, with increased vehicle activity comes the need for more car maintenance. Here at Bliss, we’re seeing demand quickly grow for our eco-friendly car wash services.

What does that mean? We’re hiring and, the positions are Green Jobs!



To be absolutely certain that our open roles genuinely are “green,” we double-checked with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and learned that a “Green Job” is one “in which workers’ duties involve making their establishment’s production processes more environmentally friendly [using] fewer natural resources.”

At Bliss, we definitely fit the bill.

Take Eduardo, Site Supervisor for Bliss of Oxnard, CA, for example. Eduardo makes sure that our water reclamation systems are working perfectly, conserving freshwater water usage and reclaiming 70 percent of it. That means, as opposed to a traditional car wash, we’re conserving the planet’s most important natural resource: water. 

In fact, our Team considers themselves “Water Warriors,” and Eduardo, along with our automated smart meters, ensure that every drop possible is reused and not wasted.

Another great example is Steven. As part of his “green” responsibilities, Steven helps to procure the biodegradable and sustainable cleaning products that we use at Bliss. He makes sure to avoid toxic chemicals that harm our environment and our health. Because we choose to purchase cleaning supplies that aren’t harsh, our customers’ cars are also treated with extra tenderness. Steven is proud that his work involves protecting our waterways from undue pollutants, as he’s a proud Water Warrior, too.

We are revolutionizing the car wash business by using technology and 100 percent eco-friendly cleaning agents. Casey is our Site Supervisor at Bliss of Placentia, CA, where he makes sure our equipment runs smoothly and maintains its earth-friendly reputation. His job involves managing the entire location, 

but he also ensures that our automated equipment consumes less energy than traditional machinery and reduces our greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint. Casey has a lot on his plate each day, but he loves making a difference for future generations to inherit a cleaner earth.

Me, David? I’m out and about at all the sites as often as I can be. I love seeing the team with their smiling faces, serving our wonderful Guests and enjoying their work. I am incredibly proud of them, the Water Warriors, who fulfill their green jobs with so much enthusiasm.

I’m one of them, a Water Warrior, too. I have pledged to donate a new freshwater well to the nonprofit Wells Bring Hope for each new Bliss Car Wash we open. Wells Bring Hope provides access to clean water and economic aid to villages in West Africa suffering from dire need.

As the world opens up and Bliss grows, we’re keeping our focus on what matters. An eco-friendly, thriving business, rewarded employees and a chance to share our good fortune.