BLISS Fleet Accounts

BLISS Fleet Accounts offers you the convenience of washing all the vehicles in your fleet while maintaining one simple account and monthly payment.



It’s the perfect way to recognize your employees or clean your company’s cars at an affordable price! BLISS Fleet Accounts are perfect for small business owners, government agencies and large corporations.

Once you’ve signed up for a Fleet Account, your employees won’t need to carry cash or credit cards when they stop by to get a car wash at any of our convenient locations.

Once they’re set up in our system, our License Plate Recognition scans their car, and our gate will automatically open for them each time.

Car Wash Service in Placentia

Fleet Prices

BLISS Car Wash - Fleet Prices



  1. How many cars qualify me for a BLISS Fleet Account? 10 or more

  1. Do you offer BLISS Unlimited Memberships for fleet accounts? Currently, we don’t offer BLISS Unlimited Memberships for fleet customers. Instead, we offer great discounts for Fleet Accounts, which works well for our fleet Guests.
  1. Do you track usage by VIN or license plate? We track every vehicle with their license plate.
  1. How do I pay for my BLISS Fleet Account? After signing up, your Fleet Account will automatically be billed.
  1. When will I be billed for my BLISS Fleet Account? You will be billed once a month, at the end of each month. Your receipt will be emailed to you automatically.
  1. What will my invoice look like? Your invoice will show your total amount billed. Details, like itemized usage, are available upon request.
  1. Who do I contact about my invoice? Invoice inquiries can be directed to

To sign up, or get more information on pricing, email us at or fill out the form below: