On Earth Day, about 100 students from Ulysses S. Grant High School in the Van Nuys, neighborhood of Los Angeles, enjoyed an in-class lecture from a NASA scientist. The special session was arranged by us, at Bliss, as a gift to the community, marking the opening of our new, eco-friendly car wash in the neighborhood.

JT Reager, Ph.D., NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
JT Reager, Ph.D., NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

JT Reager, Ph.D., who works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, engaged the students with a talk about climate, drought, and their roles in protecting the earth. Dr. Reager, a water and ecosystems expert, specializes in the topic of fresh water and its integral role in the planet’s health.

Dr. Reager explained to the students that everything has a water footprint – a measure of the amount of water used to produce or use it. It can be measured for a whole process, such as growing a tomato, or for a product, like making an article of clothing.

According to Dr. Reager, a lesser-known way to save water is to cut down on beef consumption. That’s because the water footprint of beef and other meat is much bigger than that of vegetables, grains or beans. One hamburger patty takes, on average, 600 gallons of water to produce. That equals 25 car washes at Bliss. So, a double hamburger is equal to 50 washes at Bliss!

Students at Ulysses Grant High School

Dr. Reager also spoke about the problem of plastics and that only 8% of the plastics that have ever been produced have been recycled. He said that it takes 20,000 years for plastics to degrade and that they are finding microplastics in very remote areas in Antarctica.

One of the students, senior Carlos Gudino, talked about his passion for NASA’s work and, while wearing a NASA sweatshirt, pledged to save water by taking shorter showers and reducing his plastic consumption. He was grateful for the knowledge he gained on Earth Day.

We were thrilled to see the students so engaged and motivated to do their parts in protecting the planet and save water. At Bliss Car Wash, we never forget that fresh water is our life source and respecting and conserving it is our mission. We call ourselves water warriors because we save, reuse, and recycle fresh water, among other earth-friendly practices, with every wash.

In fact, to date, we have saved millions of gallons of freshwater because of our eco-friendly business practices. We also have donated nine freshwater wells to needy communities in Africa.

Chris Melikyan - Ulysses Grant High Vice Principal; Julia Asnadi - Bliss Car Wash Marketing; JT Reager, Ph.D. - NASA

The Bliss Car Washes uses technology that constantly monitors freshwater usage, keeping it down to approximately 24 gallons per car wash and using 70 percent reclaimed water. Bliss also only uses cleaning products that are biodegradable and utilizes low-energy consuming machinery.

We are so proud to bring our latest car wash to the Van Nuys area and are looking forward to meeting our new eco-friendly customers!

Watch news clip below. Full Video coming soon!

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NASA Scientist Inspires Students at Earth Day Talk
NASA Scientist Inspires Students at Earth Day Talk
NASA Scientist Inspires Students at Earth Day Talk
NASA Scientist Inspires Students at Earth Day Talk