By Vahid David Delrahim


Every April 22nd, the world commemorates Earth Day – a celebration of our planet and how we can work together to protect it. For many of us, cars and driving habits don’t come to mind when considering how to protect the environment. The truth is that vehicles produce more than 30% of global transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions – meaning even small changes to our car and driving habits can significantly impact the environment. So, this Earth Day, let’s focus on what we can do as drivers to help reduce our environmental impact.


We can start with the BLISS Difference and how we wash our cars. Choosing a car wash like BLISS which uses water-saving technologies, eco-friendly cleaning products, and low-energy machinery, helps make a difference on Earth Day and beyond. Taking your vehicle to one of our locations is a simple way to reduce water consumption and carbon footprint. You get better mileage with a clean car, too.


At BLISS, we’ll be ten locations strong at the end of April. We’re sticking hard to our plan of opening and operating eco-friendly car washes that quickly and conveniently offer a service that treads lightly on our planet. 


We’re on the brink of a new era where sustainability is essential, and responsibility towards our environment is paramount. We believe that businesses everywhere will be held accountable for their impact on the planet in the coming decade.


It’s time for everyone to start thinking differently and think about how our decisions today will shape the world tomorrow.


Until this past winter, we had a long dry spell in California, with low precious water resources and restrictions on how much we could use. We learned new ways to save water and worked together to ensure every drop was used wisely. While the drought may be “officially over”, our long-term water problems are not.


Let’s carry all that we’ve learned into the new season – let’s ensure that saving water is part of our everyday routines. Let’s do our part to reduce water waste and keep our rivers, lakes and oceans clean. Together, we can ensure that the next drought won’t be as severe as the last. Let’s move forward with a spirit of hope and a commitment to protecting the environment for future generations.


The future is ours to shape. We all have a part to play in building the world we want for future generations. And it starts with business.


I believe all businesses are responsible for reducing their environmental impact and creating an eco-friendly working model. The challenge is enormous, but this is also an opportunity. An opportunity to revolutionize the way we do business and make a lasting positive impact on the planet. We can find sustainable solutions that meet the needs of today without compromising the planet’s future.


So, as we open our tenth BLISS in the City of Industry, our Water Warriors will share our services and philosophy with a smile!


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