Southern California-based BLISS Car Wash has opened its tenth eco-friendly car wash with a state-of-the-art polishing tunnel in the City of Industry. The new environmentally focused car wash at 120 S. Hacienda Blvd, the site of the original City Hall, features two lanes and a groundbreaking polishing tunnel that will leave a showroom shine on cars in five minutes.

City of Industry Mayor Cory Moss along with City Councilmembers Mark Radecki, Newell Ruggles, Michael Greubel, Joanne McClaskey, Sam Pedroza and Industry Sheriffs attended the festivities. The ribbon cutting opened with U.S. Veterans, Ron McPeak and Brian Dryer, leading a flag raising ceremony and the Pledge of Allegiance. In addition, we hired students from William Workman High School to showcase their DJ skills, supporting their passion and future aspirations. Watch the ABC News video here.

Samuel Hagai, a prominent and talented graffiti artist and surrealist painter whose murals and art projects can be found in galleries and on walls in iconic cities around the world, has painted a one-of-a-kind mural on the car wash tunnel building that honors the City of Industry and its rich history.

With our dedication to water conservation and eco-friendly products, cars are first washed in a wash tunnel equipped with the latest technology that meticulously cleans each vehicle using less than 24 gallons of fresh water. Cars can then enter the cutting-edge polish tunnel, where they are entirely hand dried and then sprayed with a premium wax. In the polish tunnel, cars move smoothly on a conveyor through a series of specially designed cloths that polish the exterior to a showroom-quality shine and finish. Tire dressing is applied at the end as a finishing touch to ensure that every nook and cranny is sparkling. There are 20+ vacuum stations where customers can clean the inside of their cars.

In keeping with his commitment, BLISS CEO and Founder Vahid David Delrahim donated a new freshwater well to the nonprofit Wells Bring Hope, as he does with each new eco-friendly car wash opening. Delrahim has been working with the nonprofit for several years in its mission to bring safe water to rural villages in Niger, West Africa.

Water Conservation at BLISS

Vahid David Delrahim recognizes that despite our significant rainfall in January, California is still in a drought. “At BLISS Car Wash, we are committed to using eco-friendly car washes to help with water conservation in California. We use technology that constantly monitors fresh water usage, keeping it down to approximately 24 gallons of fresh water used to wash each car and using 70 percent reclaimed water. BLISS also uses biodegradable cleaning products and utilizes low-energy-consuming machinery in each of its express car washes throughout Southern California.

Home car washing means that water, with soap, contaminants, and chemicals, runs off driveways and into the local waterways, unfiltered. Delrahim also addressed that home car washing may soon become prohibited during California’s extreme drought conditions. “Consumers may believe they can conserve water by washing their car at home, but they are wasting more than they may realize. The average person uses 100 gallons per car wash at home, and it’s doubtful that many people are capturing and recycling water, which we do at all of our BLISS Car Wash locations,” Delrahim said.  “At BLISS, we save 76 gallons of water per car.”

About BLISS Car Wash

BLISS Car Wash offers premium unlimited car wash memberships at a great value. We are a refreshing car wash experience because we ensure that your car is cleaned responsibly, using cleaning products that are biodegradable and safe for the environment. We are water warriors, so we fight to protect it at every turn and closely monitor our usage.