Touchless Car Wash
BLISS Polish Tunnel

Step 1 - Clean & Protect

We clean your car with our best wash, the Transform+. It includes our eco-friendly & biodegradable soaps & waxes to clean your car and seal in protective products like Ceramic Seal, Carnauba Wax and RainX, getting it ready to go through the BLISS Polish Tunnel.

Step 2 - Wax-on

Once you exit the wash tunnel, our team will hand dry your car. Then, we’ll apply a specially formulated polishing wax to prepare your car for the BLISS Polish Tunnel.

BLISS Car Wash
BLISS Polish Tunnel

Step 3 - BLISS Polish

Your car will go into our state-of-the-art BLISS Polish Tunnel, which includes specially designed soft fabric to buff in the wax and polish your car. Tire dressing is applied at the end as a finishing touch. After exiting the BLISS Polish Tunnel, every car is carefully inspected to make sure it’s showroom ready. We recommend the BLISS Polish 2-3 times a month for the ultimate showroom shine.

*BLISS Polish currently only available at our City of Industry location. 
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